Community Redevelopment

Bessire & Casenhiser, Inc. understands that community owners today are faced with one of the most challenging issues of deteriorating homes located on valuable land. Because of this Bessire & Casenhiser, Inc. has built ongoing relationships with manufacturers, dealers and contractors to assist in the redevelopment/enhancement of existing communities.  As an example, Bessire & Casenhiser, Inc. has assisted in converting a 1949 trailer park in Newport Beach (Lido Peninsula Resort) with 40 to 50 year old homes into a community resort with an innovative two story home design that astonished the industry. Bessire & Casenhiser, Inc. has also been active in promoting the replacement of older homes with newer and better built homes. This practice helps to prolong the life of the parks and increase the value to the community owner and homeowners alike.

Real Estate Sales, Marketing and Investments

Over the years we have been involved in acquisitions and sales of mobile home parks, manufactured home communities and RV parks. Because of our experience and involvement in the industry, we have numerous investors that are typically, ready, willing and able to purchase properties.  In order to facilitate purchases, we have formed limited partnerships, limited liability companies and tenants in common.  Our extensive list of contacts has proven to be a valuable asset when purchasing or selling opportunities arise.  If you have any additional questions or may be interested in our services, please contact us.