Community Management

Community Management / Leasing

Bessire & Casenhiser, Inc. offers complete management services. We have become an industry leader in fee management because of our dedicated and talented employees. Our employees, both offsite and onsite, will use their expertise to enhance your community, maintain and/or improve occupancy rates and increase your property value.

Our standard management services include:

  • Regular onsite visits
  • Annual physical and insurance inspections
  • Rent collection and bill processing
  • Monthly financial statements
  • Quarterly management reports
  • Marketing of vacant spaces and much more

When we assume management of a property we prepare a detailed status report of all aspects of the community including, common areas, space maintenance, staffing and residency documents.

With our years of experience and the size of our portfolio, we can provide economies of scale for prospective purchasers and we have established relationships with many of the industry’s finest vendors and contractors.

Community Leasing

Bessire & Casenhiser, Inc. has been leasing properties since 1984. Leasing includes complete property management services but differs by allowing the community owners to maximize income while transferring most exposure and liability to the Lessee. The owner maintains the ownership of the property without tax consequences. Leasing is an excellent alternative to selling a property.

If you have any additional questions or are interested in Bessire & Casenhiser, Inc. managing or leasing your community, please contact us.